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Just got back from the national final with some impressions. TVR managed to organize a nice event , very transparent to the press, as seen from the inside. Or at least we were able to see what we were supposed to see..:P.  The sound was grate, the stage and lighting impeccable. About the way it was seen on TV I cannot say anything cause I didn’t whatched it yet.  Each artist gave its best and tried to showcase their best performance possible.The staging and costumes were obviously different than in the semifinals, some for the better, some for the worse. The inside athmosphere was pleasant, everybody friendly, trying to do their jobs. So Congratulations TVR for the show.

I will not comment on the songs, cause everybody listened them already and made their own opinion, plus the voting being way over, I don’t see the point. Starting out as a clear favourite for the televoting, Casa Presei managed to  swipe the second place afterall from the public, with Cezar being the first and Luminita the 3rd. I still cannot imagine how did Cezar managed to get so many votes( 9774) from the Romanian public, who is not known for it’s vanguardism. A lot of people say it was a good PR , which is true, but still…I will not comment any further this issue.  Luminita Anghel showed us again why she placed 3rd in 2005, showcasing a perfect show. It is unacceptable that she did not recive any point from one of the joury members. Anyone in it’s right sense would have given at least 1 point. This made her loose the top spot at the joury votes. Analizing it further, even if she recived the first spot at the joury, Cezar would still have won, because he got 12 points from the televoting. In order  for Luminita to win, Cezar should have placed 4th at the joury voting. Luminita’s manager said thet they will not challenge the procedure. The amount of messages we recived from our colleagues from OGAE  clubs around Europe and from people involved in the Eurovision movement, were very saddened because each and everyone said thet Luminita should have won, and nobody understands what happened. Guys, we can assure you that we don’t know either. We consider that this year we had a big chance to win the competition but we blew it big time. It is not something we can control so…any further comments are absolutely useless.

All we can do now is to support Cezar, as much as we can, and hope he will first qualify for the final, and then place on an honorable spot. The song is not an easy one, so the work TVR has to put in in order to make it more likeable is huge.

We wish them the best of luck!

PS: Congratulations are in order for Alyona, the winner in Belarus, who gave an amazing performance of her winning song “Salayoh”.

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