Stage Design for Malmo 2013


translated with google translate ( it may not be accurate but we get te general idea ):

This year’s Eurovision scene has drawn inspiration from a variety of sources. Now tell Viktor Brattström and Frida Arvidsson, who is behind the design, the ideas of his work.

– Scene elements have taken the form of everything from style studies of butterfly wings and images of moths photographed with a slow shutter speed, the architectural and technologically advanced modern haute couture, they say.

For the audience closer to the performers

Today we can for the first time showing off photos of set design, created with strength, lightness and movement in mind. The idea is to bring the audience closer to the performers, while leaving space for modern projection technology.

– We work with no moving parts to linking stage and arena, but a solid traditional set design in general is the base of the stage, says Frida.

The duo has worked on stage design since the beginning of november and knew early what they were after.

A part of a larger vision

To unite audiences and artists have long been a goal of the team behind the Eurovision in Malmö. As early as last fall said the project’s executive producer, Martin Österdahl, about the visions they had.


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