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Not again!!!!!!!!

Luminita Anghel missed the top spot again with a perfect Eurovision song. We can’t admit that we are not upset about this. On the other hand we cannot stop but wondering how the “professional” jury did’nt see the potential of this song , and they placed it only 3rd. This keeps un wondering if the roumours that appeared in the press early this week aren’t true : that TVR invited in the jury a few rock fans just to make sure that Voltaj will win. …These are  just speculations in the media….but yet again…we are just saying….not accusing anyone of anything.

On the other hand TVR deliverd the biggest Eurovision selection show so far…which was indeed very good, both in the audience and on TV. Too bad the songs weren’t very good this year. The presenters were off  and very annoying…but that is a different story. Ruslana’s show was , as expected, very energetic, and fool of that fire everyone is familiar with.  Now let’s get down to the songs:

voltajVoltaj – “ De la capat” – pop rock balad, nicely sung ..but not as powerfull as other songs in the final. Voltaj are a very good live band so they will not have any problem delivering the song perfectly in Vienna. The concept revolves around the campaign which brings awareness on the children left behind in the country by their parents who went on working in different countries in Europe. This is a problem in Romania, but yet again…not only in Romania. I don’t know who will be moved by this campaign, except the Romanian from diaspora. The song is god though…so we will not have any problem qualifying. Good Luck Voltaj and may you bring us a Top 10 we so much miss!

baietiiBaietii – “ Dragoste in lanturi “ – pop cheesy old school song..Too old school..

tudor turcuTudor Turcu – “ Save Us” – Good voice, average song…heared that beat a million times.. NOT a special song……Copycat of sooo many other rock songs.

temisanAurelian Temisan feat. Alexa -“Chica Latina” – Freshly squeezed for the summer radios. Good latino song… Not for the big final though…

rodicaaculovaRodica Aculova – “ My light” – Pop princess, looked very good in yellow, the song was nice…but her voice missed a few notes which ruined the whole thing. Sincere performer and we liked her.

bluenoiseBlue Noise – “ Love won’t run away”- Accapella song with a lot of interesting beats. The eclectic rythms sounded pretty nice, and two thumbs up for the talent and musical sense it took to the performers to pull this off. In no wayyyyy an Eurovision entry. This was a vocal-technique performance …period.

ovidiu antonOvidiu Anton – “ Still alive”- Godd rock song, strong performer , deserved the 3rd spot.

laraleeLara Lee – “ Superman” – This was one of the favourite songs among eurovision fans. With a good team behind ( composed by the same team that took Margret Berger on the Eurovision stage in Malmo) and a nice show, this could have gone so much higher. Too bad the vocals were not sincere enough, she didn’t manage to feel confident and to transmit the strong message in the title.

supertrooperSuper Trooper – “ Secret Place” – We understand the funky disco beat, but the sound itself was so old fashioned. The group tried to bring it in the best possible way but I am afraid they didn’t manage. They could have mixed the disco sound with something more …2015.

luminitaLuminita Anghel – “ A million stars” – Perfect Eurovision entry. Confident, powerfull and impeccably sung. This was the real winner for a lot of people.

cristinavasiuCristina Vasiu – “ Nowhere” – A bit shallow and very unsecure in her performance, plus the gimmick with the burning dress draw all the attention from the song.

cejCEJ – “ We were in love” – Very nice song, peacefull and very well composed, and very nice delivered. A very good way to finish the line up. Unfortunately not strong enough for a Eurovision final.

The show continued with a super performance by Rusala, who managed a decent show and had a  political speech at some point about Ukraine and the support she felt for her country. Nice one.


The winners announcement was made by the presenter who named the 3rd place – Ovidiu Anton, the 2nd place- Luminita Anghel, and the Winners – Voltaj.

All together it is a good choice from Romania, which, if sung in English, I am quite sure that we can manage a top 10. Just saying J

We wish the best of luck to TVR and the boys from Voltaj, and may they bring us a top 10 entry this year!.We are in desperate need of a top 10 song. It’s been 4 years now…

We will support them no matter what!!!

Romania will compete in the first semifinal on the 19th of May.

Good luck !!! See you in Vienna!!!

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