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Welcome to the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Jury Final. It is the night when the national juries vote, so it is extremly important how artist deliver their songs, and how everything looks like. Good luck everyone…here we go….:

The show starts with a live transmission from Schonbrun Palace with the orchestra playing the intro….after wich we get to see Austrias best features….from all fields…

Then the orchestra appears on stage followed by Conchita emerging from underneath the middle of the arena…Everything looks spectacular…the three presenters are introduced by Conchita and are singing together this year’s anthem…and OMG:

CONCHITA is flying to the stage….Amazing moment :)….they continue the anthem with a child choire.

Then, the 4 presenters say the all too-known phrase : ” Good Evening Europe!”…All the countries are being introduced.

Then there is beeing played the video montage about building bridges, with different people connecting through a lot of activities 🙂

“Let the Eurovision Song contest begin!!!”

1. Slovenia: Too bad the organisers decided to put them first. I think it killed their chance of winning…The song is pure eurovision bait.  Just amazing performance. Very retro vibes…it looks good. Good crowd reaction in the press center. Top 10

2. France: Apochalyptic backgroud sustained by a very good song. Vocaly she is perfect, and the french language never sounded better. Four drummers appear on stage to build up the momentum. Professional and beautiful. Bravo France!



3. Israel: It’s been 4 years since Israel last qualified…so the pressure is big…The song is sung by everybody here in the press center. Eurovision ethnic balkanic style….which just drives the arena wild. Nice one from Israel. Not winning though 😛

4. Estonia: Simple and stylish…Amazing song from Estonia delivered perfectly bu the two singers. The staging suits the song perfectly and the angles that they are filmed…are just amazing…Go Estonia!!!! Love it!!! Top 10











5. UK:  Happy tune :)…Complicated staging..too complicated, involving led lights on their costumes…Vocally they are good but don’t manage to transmit the true happy feeling of this song…Maybe tomorrow they will be better.



6. Armenia: The same as in the semi…a bit low on vocals tonight as far as I noticed…Beautiful purple staging…A bit borring. Not sure about the placing tomorrow.

7. Lithuania: They are “feeling loved”..and it shows..they have an amazing time on stage…they are young , look good..and share a genuine kiss live. So very nice tune with a very happy staging.. They might do better than expected.

8. Serbia:  “I’m different and it’s ok”….The crowd goes mad for this one.. In my oppinion it’s very similar to Hera Bjork from 2010…Don’t know where she will end up.



9. Norway: Just perfect. For me they are Top 3. Beautiful!



10. Sweden: Pure Eurovision bait. Mans delivers it perfectly…and the animation is just perfect. Love it!.  It will end up very high. Top 5 for me.

11. Cyprus: Simple beautiful balad about love. He begins in black and white and in the middle it turns to colours. Not much to say about this. It is what it is….a love song!

12. Australia: Perfect Eurovision song combined with a funky vibe and a bit of Bruno Mars. Australia might WIN! Biggest cheer in the press center and in the audience.



13. Belgium: Minimalistic but amazing. …The whole moment is sooo 2015. LOVE IT!!!!

14. Austria: The host country is next and the audience goes wild. They have a clasic rock-love song…delivered perfectly.. Simple but effective staging, involving a burning piano…Very very nice one Austria!









Brake time….Conchita in a new outfitt in the green room.

15. Greece: Simply amazing. Maria was at her best tonight. Top 10 for sure. Bravo Greece !!!!



16. Montenegro: The ething song everybody expects in Eurovision. What a beautiful song it is. Superbly delivered. It will end up very good. Perfect vocals and very powerfull.

17. Germany: Ann looks stunning…Resembling Lena from 2011, but with a stronger song. Nice one from Germany. Not sure about how it will translate into votes.



18. Poland: Very touching ballad. The social factor will have a great saying in this entry. Let’s see what Europe will have to say tomorrow. It’s been a while since Poland delivered such a powerfull entry.

19. Latvia: What can you say about a piece of ART?.. Nothing…it leaves you speechless. Perfect!



20. Romania:They delivered the song perfectly. Just beautiful. At the end of the performance the camera moves on Ionut, the child in the video…which is a very touching moment. Bravo Voltaj!



21. Spain: Amanecer….ay ay….The staging is very doesn’t look true through all the song….but the overall effect is there…the seccond part of the song is just perfect. After the dancer lifts Edurne and she delivers the final part….I belive her. The final moment is stunning, in a shadow light….stunning.



22. Hungary: Beautiful balad…but a bit borring. Without the backdrop, which is beautiful, it wouldn’t have much to show for. A simple song…too simple.

23. Georgia: The gothic vampire diva..:) She will appeal to a lot of voters. The song is very epic..and so is the staging. Everybody loves it here. It sound powerfull and uplifting.

24.Azerbaijan: Elnur is comminted to his performance.  The song is good, but not a winner. Great voclas and overall a top 10 performance. Let’s see what the final will bring.

25. Russia: Stunning in every way!.. A lot of poeple think Russia will win this. It is a winning perfromance!.



26. Albania: Change of dress for the better…a bit shaky vocally.. Didn’t convinced me tonight.

27. Italy: I think they are on the way of becoming winners ;). Stunning vocals and the most powerfull song of the night. The crowd went mad for this one. Another winning song!


……the rest we will let you watch it on TV.

Enjoy the show tomorrow!

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