Selectia Nationala in concert at “Beraria H” in Bucharest ( VIDEO )


Last night , TVR organized a big event promoting Selectia Nationala and it’s artists in Bucharest at “Beraria H “.

This was the perfect occasion to announce the running order for the semifinal. All the contestants sang live their entries for the first time, and in front of a live audience. So this will be the running order:

1. Doru Todoruţ feat. Irina Baianţ – The Voice
2. Andra Olteanu – Nai Nai
3. Dream Walkers – Let It Shine
4. Irina Popa – Letting Go
5. Jukebox – Come On Everybody
6. Mihai Băjinaru – Never Too Late
7. Vanotek feat. The Code & Georgian – I’m Coming Home
8. M I H A I – Paradisio
9. Florena – Behind the Shadows
10. Gaşca de acasă – Tu eşti povestea
11. Ovidiu Anton – Moment of Silence
12. Xandra – Superhuman

Here are the live moments on stage taken from Selectia Nationala Youtube chanel:


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