First dress rehearsal and Jury Show Review


Yesterday we had the pleasure to witness the first dress rehearsal and the jury show. Everybody posted almost everything about this. The betting odds are jumping up and down, and everybody loves Armenia :)))) Russia is a sure qualifier.

A very intresting event took place during the jury show last night. The designated jury from Russia filmed their voting sheet along with parts of the performances from Netherlands and Armenia, and EBU are investigating the event right now.

As far as the chances of qualifing for the semi final one countires, we can say that it is a hard final to qualify from.  A lot of countries are on the edge of qualifing.  Let’s try and do a quick review of the semifinal:

1. Finland







No no no to the costumes…but I think it is too late for that. Decent opener for the semifinal. Might qualify cause they have Hungary in this semifinal, and Sweden…and they might get the votes. Don’t know about the juries.


2. Greece








We are begining to feel this entry.  It’s ethno all the way and they are doing a very good job with it. They look very nice and the backdrop suits the song. To me this might qualify creating a big surprise for everybody, since no one credit them too much.


3. Moldova







This is a classic pop entry with a very very good chorus. The 3rd position is the worst but we have our hopes high for Moldova. GOOOO Lidia!!!!!


4. Hungary







Freddie  darling… are in the final!!!!!!



5. Croatia







Nice one from Croatia, the song is very good, the voice is very good, and the performance is heavy….It wil go into the final!


6.  The Netherlands







This is an average song with the most boring performance. Persoanly we don’t lthink it will qualify.


7.  Armenia







Oh Yesss…Armenia will give Russia a runf for their money.. Everything looks stunning, she is like an european Jenifer Lopez, that means more beauty and far more style involved. Qualifier!!!!!


8.  San Marino







This song in infectious….we missed this kind of disco sound in Eurovision. Unfortunately i don’t think it will be enough. Too bad cause this entry is what Eurovision is all about.


9. Russia







This is the one to beat aparently. For us this is too busy, too high tech..the song get’s a little lost there. We really don’t think that Russia will win although it has every chance to. It looks stunning and Fokas Evangelinu did a great job with the staging again. He got back to a lot of his previous themes used throughout the years.


10. Chechz Republic







This will go big with the juries. The song is delivered perfectly but there is a very big difference betwee the quality of the voice and of the song, and the singer who just seems lost, theatricly speaking. On the edge but I think it will qualify, for the first time.


11. Cyprus







Minus one non qualifier in this semifinal. This will go in the final. Eurovision rock entry that says: Qualify me!!!!


12. Austria







We love the song, the staging is in danger of getting lost. Zoe is beautiful and she looks so pure and inocent. It is on the edge of qualifying unfortunately.


13. Estonia







Having Russia and Finland in this semifinal, will sure bring in some votes, but will it be enough?. We like the song , the performance is slick and on point. This will go through.


14. Azerbaijan







Azerbaijan always got through to the final. If she delivers the song decent it will go in.


15. Montenegro







We personaly like the song very much, but with the other rock entry in the semi, Cyprus that is, people will vote for the otherone. So too bad for Montenegro but we don’t think it will qualify.


16. Iceland







The backdrop looks stunning, Greta delivers the song, ..but we still think this will not qualify. maybe it is just a hunch. Anyway good job Iceland.


17. Boznia and Herzegovina







Tough one to predict. Boznia delivers very good music usualy, and this year there is no exception. They have improved very much their performance, and I will pick this one at any point against Iceland.


18. Malta







Much more relaxed, after the baby news, and after the changing of the dress. Malta will Qualify. She is a past runner up in the contest, so she knows how to handle a contest this big. Everybody loves this entry.


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