TVR getting ready for the LIVE auditions

16265935_1347320578665344_1963960425225010346_nTVR ended the submission proces, and more than 80 songs are in. As a premiere, this year TVR will record the LIVE the auditions of all the 84 songs submitted, in front of a JURY and a live audience. This will be the first step in choosing thew 15 songs that will participate in the semifinal. These shows will be filmed during 27- 29 January, and will be broadcasted during 5-11 February on TVR, TVR 2, TVR HD and TVR InternaĊ£ional.

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The semifinal will take place on the 26th of February, and the final on 5th of March. The winner will be selected exclusively by televoting.

For all the details about the rules of the contest this year you can acces the official TVR site here:

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