Today LIVE the Seccond Semifinal. How to whatch, line-up, scorecard and our predictions.

Tonight, starting 22:00, TVR will broadcast LIVE the seccond semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest. 18 countries are compeeting for 10 spots in the Grand Final on 13th of May. Normaly there would have been 19 countries, but with Russia withdrawing, now all the starting positions have changed. Romania will start on 5th…and so on. The show will be opened by a traditional folk band with dancers, and a gimmick that you will all love ūüôā .. The presenters will sing along some Eurovision hits, and it will be soo much fun.

This semi-final is the hardest to predict. It has many good acts, ethnic stuff, ballads, it is really ecclectic. I am sure it will be wonderfull to whatch on TV. After seeing the rehearsals everybody has made an ideea already, and the opinions are sooo different, but this is the best part of it. “The diffrence” that brings us together, this is something only music can do. So Bring it Europe!!

  1. Serbia РTijana Bogicevici РIn too deep  РNO
  2. Austria – Nathan Trent – Running on air –¬†QUALIFIER
  3. Macedonia – Jana Burceska – Dance alone –¬†MAYBE
  4. Malta – Claudia Faniello – Breathlessly¬† –¬†MAYBE
  5. Romania РIlinca & Alex РYodel it!  QUALIFIER
  6. Netherlands – O’G3NE – Lights and shadows –¬†QUALIFIER
  7. Hungary – Joci Papai – Origo –¬†QUALIFIER
  8. Denmark – Anja – Where I am – QUALIFIER
  9. Ireland – Brendan Murray – Dying to try –¬†MAYBE
  10. San Marino – Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson – Spirit of the night –¬†NO
  11. Croatia – Jaques Houdek – My friend –¬†QUALIFIER
  12. Norway – JOWST – Grab the moment –¬†QUALIFIER
  13. Switzerland – Timebelle – Apollo –¬†NO
  14. Belarus – Naviband – Story of my life –¬†NO
  15. Bulgaria – Kristian Kostov – Beautifull mess¬† –QUALIFIER
  16. Lithuania – Fusedmarc – Rain of revolution –¬†NO
  17. Estonia – Koit Toome & Laura – VeronaMAYBE
  18. Israel – Imri – I feel alive – QUALIFIER

Also tonight we get the chance to see Germany, Ukraine and France on the Eurovision stage. These countries will also vote tonight.

You can whatch the show live here :

and here you can have the scorecard for tonight:













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