Selectia Nationala 2018

TVR just announced that SELECTIA NATIONALA 2018 will take place in 5 semifinals and a final, in a total of 6 different cities in Romania. The slogan under wich the event will take place is „Eurovision uneşte România!” meaning ” Eurovision unites Romania!”. This has to do with the fact that in 2018 Romania celebrates 100 years from the Great Union of the three historical provinces.

The submissions of the songs will begin in mid November , and the songs will be selected in December by a specialized jury. The semifinals and the final will take place during  January and February. We don’t have the exact date for the final yet.

Head of delegation will be once again Iuliana Marciuc. The head of TVR , Doina Gradea, said that: ” We want to bring Eurovision closer to the people in all the corners of the country.”

Eurovision 2018 will take place in Lisbon, due to the fact that Portugal won last year wiht the song ” Amar pelos dois” sung by Salvador Sobral.  Romania, represented by Ilinca & Alex Florea placed 7th last year in Kyiv, with the song called ” Yodel it!”

Bring it!!!!



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