Semifinal 1 Selectia nationala 2018 FOCSANI

Last night took place the first Semifinal in the romanian selection.  The show opened with Luminita Anghel singing the Moldavian entry from 2009 “Hora din Moldova”, because, of course, Focsani is in the historical province of Moldova 😀 in case you were wondering, and Romnaia never had a song about Moldova 😛 Luminita was, as always, a big PRO. Congratz to Luminita! TVR managed a decent show, but because of the limited space on the stage, everything looked pretty crowded.  We didn’t understand why the scoreboard couldn’t stay on screen the whole time, being updated as the jury delivered the points….there was no suspanse there beacause when you have only 5 jury members, the maths is pretty easy 😛

The qualifiers from last night were:

1. Alexia & Matei – “Walking on water” – 53 points


2. Echoes – “Mirror” – 38 points


3. Eduard Santha – “Mesom romales” – 35 points

Congratulations to all 3 of them !!!

Here are a few photos from the event:













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