Romania performs seccond in Semi-Final 2

This is the running order for the two semifinals. EBU annpunced it today and Romania is going to perform seccond in the seccond semi-final. Meh :/ They could have decided a better position for us . But this is Eurovision and we have to comply.  Rybak has the tough task to open the seccond semi-final. It will be a good opener, but I think it will get lost. Maybe the fact that he won the contest in 2009 with a huge popular song will help him qualify, but you never know with Eurovision. We also have Russia back in the contest and it is going to be an interesting come back to whatch. For the moment, he sure qualifiers from this semifinal are, from our point of view:

Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Denmark, Australia, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Latvia …

…and one spot for the surprises!…here it can be anyone 😛

We’ll see how this unfolds after the rehearsals.

Good luck to our Humans 😛


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