Eurostars competing in The Golden Stag ( LIVE Performances)

Last evening was the final night for the contastants to perfrom their seccond song in the contest. Piata Sfatului from Brasov  was packed with people so we had an amazing athmosphere. As you know , a lot of eurostars competing, and we tried to gather all of their perfomances. Talking to a lot of them, thei said that the stage is amazing, and the fact that they are performing live with an orchestra is the top of the cherry. We will let you decide for yourselves how well did they do it 🙂 TVR chose to upload the whole shows each evening, so we’ll try to give you the hints on where to whatch 🙂

The opening of the festival and Ovidiu Anton (ESC 2016 Romania ), here:

John Karayannis ( ESC Cyprus 2015), Lidia Isac ( ESC 2016 Moldova ):

Ryan O’Shaughnessy ( ESC 2018 Ireland ):

And now the videos from the seccond evening of the contest…

Ryan O’Shaughnessy ( ESC 2018 Ireland ):

John Karayannis ( ESC Cyprus 2015), Lidia Isac ( ESC 2016 Moldova ):

Ovidiu Anton ( ESC2016 Romania ):

Don’t be shy and try to whatch all the contestants, they were pretty good, and some of them took part in their national selection for the Eurovision, we are sure you will recognize them.

Last night the press voted, and we will see the outcome tonight in the Award Gala.

Also tonight we will get the chance to see Eleni Fourerira in a LIVE performance as a guest artist in the festival.

The other day we bumped into Eleni in the arena, and she was king enough to send us a fow words:

Good luck Eleni and good luck to all the contestants.

source: TVR chanel


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