Semifinala 1 Repetitiile in imagini


The countries from the fisrt semifinal finished their rehearsals today. The first usualy is the technical one, so no pressure here, but some countries went for the real deal….And it payed off. Australia and Cyprus lead the top 17 rehearsals 🙂 Everything here is translated intro top’s :)) It is quite funny :P..Here are a few shots from the rehersals in the last two days. Our favourite is Cyprus, no need to hide this…cause we all have a guilty pleasure 🙂 Otherwise Australia is spectacular on stage, and Serbia is an amazing presence with an amazing voice. All of these will sure qualify based on the first impression .

Here is the top of the press based on the first rehearsal;

























































Good luck everyone!

source: photos – Adres Putting and Thomas Hanses @EBU

Esc Romania Team!


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