TVR opted this year fr a different format for chosing the romanian entry. IN partnership with Global records, they developed a very twisted selection process, which is a bit unclear at the moment. But the more suprise the better. Last evening, on TVR, debuted ” DESTINATIA EUROVISION 2020″, a short tv programme that shows us the entire composition process of the 5 songs that will be in final. TVR chose a very nice line-up of songwriters and producers for this project. You can se them all along their portfolio of songs on the following video, startinh minute 2:50:

The Htag for this year’s selection is: #ealtceva

The official rules for this year’s selection are availabele here:

Forr all the news about the romanian selection , check the official site: and of course all the online chanels.

We will try to keep you posted with the news as they come in…


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