ROXEN will represent Romania with “Alcohool You”

Selectia Nationala 2020 just eneded and we have a winning song: “Alcohool You”. Roxen performed all the 5 songs , and both the jury and the televote decided unanimously. We haven’t seen this kind af agreement between both voting ballots…since…never :))) That must mean something !

TVR managed a different kind of selection this year, and it was a very good ideea, giving Eurovision Romania a fresh new start. Fresh singers and fresh composers were asked to participate in the selection process, all carelufy supervised by Global Record Romania.

The national final was a complete show, and we are sure that Europe had a very good time whatching our national selection this year. The reviews were very good. About the show now…

After the intro presentation , the first song that Roxen performed was ” Beautiful Disaster”. Being the first song to perform, she was clearly a bit nervous about it , and who could blame her. The audience in the arena was very supportive of her, clearly everybody was happy with TVR choice this year.  Here is the performance:

The interval act that followed, Dora Gaitanovici, a former contestant in Selectia nationala, delivered an amazing mashup of eurovision romanian entries, all reeinterpreted  and choreographed. Dora has an amazing voice and she carried all the tunes in her own manner, impeccably. here is her moment:

After this , it was time for Roxen to deliver the seccond song, Cherry Red. This was one of the hot favourites to win. Unfortunately she delivered it in a very weird manner, with shaky vocals, and no rythm whatsoever. Too bad cause this song had potential. A lot of voices shouted that she sabbotaged the song cause it was clearly not in here genre.  Nobody knows better thar Roxen what happened, we can only speculate. We belived in this song, and it had the potential to become the next “Fuego”….not a winner, but clearly a song to remember from the 2020 lineup, and an all-time public favourite.

It just wasn’t ment to be:

After this, it was time cor Connect-R to entertain us :P…which he did 😛  He was mocked with a surrogate performance first, by a romanian artist, Alin Gherghisan, who imitated him, and made everybody belive that he was the real Connect-R, all in a funny manner…

The third song Roxen performed, was “Colors”.. Not too much tocomment about this, except the fact that, by now, she clearly relaxed and performed it very well. :

After Colors, it was time for an all eurovision interval act. The first to perform was Natalia Gordienco with her winning song in Moldova- “Prison” :

Sandro from Cyprus was next. Cute and voccaly very good, he sang his rentition of “Fuego” and “Replay”, two of Cyprus’s eurovision entries in the past years. He did his job very good, so we cannot wait to hear his eurovision entry for 2020:

After this, it was Norways turn to take stage. Ulrikke was IMPECCABLE, period. Whatch the video above.

The 4th song to be performed, was everyone’s favourite: “Alcohool you”. Roxen managed to perform it good, she was clearly nervous, this beeing her favourite song also ( she confessed later). Impeccable graphics, a controversial dress ( according to the next day press titles) and a sincere performance, brought this the winning title:

Next up, was Elena Gheorghe’s turn to entertain us. And what a performnce she gave!!!  Amazing show with a live band and dancers. She delivered a very good show. Thumbs up for Elena:

The last song to be performed by Roxen was “Storm”. A perfect Eurovision entry, which could have easily won. Roxen was very relaxed, and she sang from the bottom of her heart. Clearly she loved this song:

The main interval act was by the Eurovision Queen: LOREEN. TVR managed to bring her in the national final this year…and she was AMAZING. Relaxed, cool, very friendly, she showed us her amazing vocal range, singing a few songs from her repertoir and of course ending with the ultimate eurovision hit “Euphoria”. Amazing Loreen:

Here is the moment when the winning song was announced, and the audience reaction to it. We filmed it live from the arena:

Let’s hope Roxen and “Alcohool You” will bring us the qualification to hte final and then a respectable spot in top 10 🙂

Good luck ROXEN. We so belive in this entry !!!!

Here are a few shots from the arena:
















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