“AMNESIA” is the song that will represent Romania in Eurovision 2021


The wait is over: “Amnesia” is the song that Roxen, our representative in the contest, will perform at the Eurovision Song Contest. The jury decided Romania’s song at the 65th edition of the international competition.

The song “Amnesia” gives voice to Roxen’s recent moods and feelings. It is a song about people, love and will and gives voice to every person who has not been heard so far, as it appears from the text at the end of it: “For every scream that was not heard.”

“Amnesia” has an emotional message, and its rhythm gives courage and strength to move on and overcome any obstacle or fear.

“For me, the last year was a full one, from all points of view, with good and less good moments, but what matters is that I had a few projects that I really enjoyed. The song Amnesia is an extremely personal one, it embraces all these feelings that I have experienced lately and gives them a voice. I feel it close to me, it represents me, and my soul and my feelings are found in it. Thank you to all those who have been with me throughout “This time and they supported me unconditionally. I love you and I was looking forward to sharing this wonderful song with you,” said Roxen, as the emotions surrounding the song’s choice dissipated.

The video, directed by Bogdan Păun, is centered on Roxen and his feelings, portrayed by contemporary dance artists. The story behind the clip is that of a single girl, who struggles with her inner self, with the states that are controlled by her external environment. Although she is constantly surrounded by fears, which have control over her, the artist manages to get rid of them, regains control and becomes increasingly strong and confident in her strengths.“In the clip, we tried to convey the message of the song as well as possible and to take into account the fact that it is a personal one for Roxen. I am happy every time we work together and especially that we have resumed work for Eurovision. We really like what came out and we hope you do too “, said Bogdan Păun. Roxen, “Amnesia” and the video for the song. What’s next for the Romanian team? The show – concept, staging and many rehearsals, the last step before leaving for Rotterdam: “The year 2020 was so complicated for all of us that many of us would like to forget it, locked somewhere in a corner of our mind. “Amnesia” is a powerful song, with a message to match, and it fits Roxen perfectly. We are severely affected by these times, no matter how much we hide these things. I think the song has a huge potential, it’s the kind you can like or not, but you can’t forget. For us, a very busy period follows, with filming for Romania’s postcard and live-on-tape, the meeting of the heads of delegations and the preparation of the show “, underlines Liana Stanciu, the head of the Romanian delegation.

Here is the video:




photos: Bogdan Petrice

source: TVR official press release

Ionut Demetriad for escromania.com



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