Romania didn’t qualify to the Grand Final


Last night was an epic night of returing back to the Eurovision Song Contest in a big way 🙂 Thumbs up for the Big Come Back the organisers planned for all of us. Very nice show , in the best eurovision tradition. Nothing out of the ordinary ….but still nice. It was probably the excitement of coming back to Eurovision that made us see only the good parts of the Show 🙂 ..and they were plenty. Congratz to the organisers !!!!!

16 songs competed, and there was a very high quality of compositions and staging. Perfection was sought throughout the entire evening…and some countries managed to achieve it, some others didn’t. Unfortunately Romania was among those who didn’t 🙁  Roxen managed to get the performance decent untill the end and from our opinion it was the best try from all the rehearsals we’ve seen. But that wasn’t enough. We may speculate about the reasons, but we prefer not to. We only hope that TVR learned something from this and will have a different approach next year. We truly hope to see Romania back in the final again next year !

Here is the romanian performance for you to judge for yourself:

and here are some official photos from EBU:
































photo credits: EBU / Andres Putting

Ionut Demetriad for


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