Weekend Round-up


This weekend we had 3 national finals, and a few qualifying rounds. This was the first full weekend from this season.


The national final, called ” Die Entscheidungsshow” had 6 finalists:

  1. Deborah Bough – Take me back to 23
  2. Timebelle – Singing About Love
  3. Licia Chery – Fly
  4. Andy McSean – Hey Now
  5. Mélanie René – Time To Shine
  6. Tiziana – Only Human

The WINNER is Mélanie René – “Time To Shine”

MelanieReneand here is the video:

Czech Republic

They opted for an internal jury and the result was a duet mada ul of Marta Jandová and Václav Noid Bárta. They will sing a song prodeced by Ondrej Soukup, and called “Hope Never Dies”.


They also opted for a 6 finalist show.

  1. Hovig – Stone In A River
  2. Doody – Magic
  3. Panagiotis Koufogiannis – Without Your Love
  4. Minus One – Shine
  5. Giannis Karagiannis – One Thing That I Should Have Done
  6. Charis Savva & Nearchos Evaggelou – Dila Den Agapo

The winner is Giannis Karagiannis – “One Thing That I Should Have Done”

Giannis-Karagiannisand here is the video:




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