Luminita Anghel Interview !!!


First of all Congratulations for qualifying in the national selection 2015.  We know it is a very busy period but as everybody wants to find out more about this year’s participation we kindly ask you in behalf of every Eurovision fan to answer a few questions.

ID:  We are very happy that you decided to participate in “Selectia Nationala 2015”. We still stongly belive that the song “Unique” would have brought you victory in Malmo. Why Eurovision again..?

Luminita:  I also thought that the song ” Unique” had chances to win a very good place in Malmo but it just wasn’t ment to be.  In 2005 I took the Eurovision ” bus” :)).. so, ever since, I said to myself that I would come back with a strong song to belive in in order to outdo my personal record.

ID: Why do you think that in the last 4 years Romania didn’t manage to finish the contest in Top 10?

Luminita:  Eurovision is a very strong competition with very well informed and prepeared fans. I guess there weren’t any full artistic packages to convince the voters.

ID:  As a former participant, and holder of the 3rd place, what do you think is the “reciepe” for a good placing in the Eurovision Final?

Luminita:  Everybody already knows the reciepe: a  good song, a good voice, a lot of “feeling” and an amazing stage show. Eurovision is a very strong TV show which evolves with every year passing.

ID:  As far as this year’s moment on Craiova’s  stage for ” A million stars” , can you tell us anything?

Luminita:  We are working very hard for this. We want everything to be perfect. We will look very good :))) Razvan Ciobanu made our outfits, we also have two very talented singers as backing vocals, and 3 cool guys who prepared a choreographic surprise under the “comand” od Bogdan Boanta…. stage effects, lights, graphics…We will use everything that can make ” A million stars” look good.


ID :  This year marks 60 years of Eurovision. In  light of this aniversary cand you tell us your favourite moment from the Eurovision?

Luminita:  Back in 2005, when we participated, it was the 50th aniversary of the contest and we’ve met Ruslana.  We were her favourite and she wanted very much to tell us that in person…which she did. This year she is coming to Craiova for the national final . I hope it will be a very happy coincidence for all us.

ID: Thank you very much Luminita and best of luck on the 8th of March in Craiova!!!!

Luminita:  I give you all my love and thank you very much for your support!


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