Maraaya on the way to Vienna!



Tnx to Oddaja for the update 😛

On Monday duo Maraaya spent last moments with representatives of press and their friends before departure to Vienna. They presented the video they made with vocal orchestra Perpetuum Jazzile and the video they filmed with Marjetka’s students in Vienna. Both cover songs of Here for you were warmly greeted by the public and more so, they have a great viewing on you tube. They also presented their three back vocalists: Manca Špik, Karin Zemljič and Nika Zorjan. The night was pleasant and in duo was in good spirits and relaxed and the same it was when they visited the Austrian ambassador in Slovenia dr.Clemens Koja and his lovely wife..On Wednesday Maraaya arrive to Vienna and they can’t wait to spend their time with ESC fans!See you in Vienna!

Good luck  MARAAYA !!!

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