LIVE from Vienna Seccond Semifinal rehearsal show


_AP54778Good evening Europe and welcome the 60th Eurovision Song Contest live from Vienna.

The 3 hosts start the show on stage with different outfits.

Then we move to Conchita  ” The show is mine and the stage is yours!”she told the artists…followed by the presentation of the countries:

  1. LITHUANIA: This Time sung by Monika Linkytė and Vaidas Baumila
  2. IRELAND: Playing With Numbers sung by Molly Sterling
  3. SAN MARINO: Chain Of Lights sung by Anita Simoncini & Michele Perniola
  4. MONTENEGRO: Adio sung by Knez
  5. MALTA: Warrior sung by Amber
  6. NORWAY: A Monster Like Me sung by Mørland & Debrah Scarlett
  7. PORTUGAL: Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa sung by Leonor Andrade
  8. CZECH REPUBLIC: Hope Never Dies sung by Marta Jandová and Václav Noid Bárta
  9. ISRAEL: Golden Boy sung by Nadav Guedj
  10. LATVIA: Love Injected sung by Aminata
  11. AZERBAIJAN: Hour Of The Wolf sung by Elnur Huseynov
  12. ICELAND: Unbroken sung by Maria Olafs
  13. SWEDEN: Heroes sung by Måns Zelmerlöw
  14. SWITZERLAND: Time To Shine sung by Mélanie René
  15. CYPRUS: One Thing I Should Have Done sung by John Karayiannis
  16. SLOVENIA: Here For You sung by Maraaya
  17. POLAND: In The Name Of Love sung  by Monika Kuszyńska

All artist are on stage recieving their share of aplause. Good Luck everyone!!!

Lithuania: Cute act, collorfull and happy. Not sure about their kiss on stage, although thy lock will not be ebnough, I think 🙂

Ireland: Wellcome to the forest of gold auttumn. Simple, nice tune, veru well sung….but it doesn’t transmit.

San Marino: Cuteness allert. Very nice staging, but too childish for me. They sung it correctly …and that’s about it

Montenegro: Yes….it should qualify…it is an amazing song…very powerfull…The stage is all red and blue, and really helping the song. The choreography is something combining folk ethnic dance with a modern twist. I like it.

Malta: Stunning visuals, good voice, not the best choise of song. It didn’t transmit much.

Norway: Morland begins alone on stage, unveiling Debrah…they are dressed in white. Minimal, stunningly simple. I am all in for them. Go Norwayyyyyy!!!! Good reaction in the press center.

Portugal: I am afraid they will not qualify tonight.

Czeh Republic: Yesss againnnn….they should be all in !!! The song is amazing, the voices are great, acting the lyrics….Bravo Czeh Republic !!!! Aplause in the press center.

Israel:  Nadav begind on a dark blue lighting, belting his tune….and then bam…the 3 dancers and 2 backing are revealed….Nice tune, very ethnic with a modern beat..not sure about the juries but this entry has Eurovision written all over it. The crowd goes mad…it should qualify easily

Latvia: Aminata is just stunning. The visuals are amazing…and she dilivers the song flawlessly. What the organisers did with this entry is pure ART. It should win a special award . For sure in the final …and to me she is a top 5. Best reaction in the press center so far…

Azerbaijan:  powefull entry …with a couple of backing dancers doing their contemporary thing around Elnur.  Vocaly is very good, visualy is very dramatic…It will go to the final for sure

Iceland:  Visualy is the most boring . The song is good ..but nothing helps it. Not sure about qualifying.

Sweden: Mans can deliver 🙂 I tell you..It sound amazing.. Visualy this is the one to remeber, especialy becuase of the animations used…creating an Eurovision classic already. Go Sweden !!!!!

Switzerland: nice song…a few drums and drummers on stage, Melanie has very good vocals. The camera angles are good for this one.

Cyprus: Black and white vintage shoot for the beggining…then the stage turns into a burst of loght…looking like a million stars. The entry is very classy and classical. I wish for it to qualify cause iti is a very nice song, impecably sung.

Slovenia: Somewhat retro vibe for the whole staging…I get this from the looks of it. The song is impecable…her voice is there…They will qualify and hit a big note in the final.

Poland: Monika belts out the song impecably..Not sure about qualifying…but it should. Good job Poland!

It’s time for Conchita who has an intervention and the three presenters giving the start for voting.

A recap of all the 17 song is being played.

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