Giuseppe di Bella – the hottest trend in Eurovision 2015


Everybody agrees when it comes to “who was the hottest” at the Eurovision. Giuseppe di Bella, the 28 years old dancer, who made Edurne’s performance “complete” 😛 He is an italian born dancer, who came to Spain to study law, graduated , but decided to dedicate his life to his one true passion, that is dancing ( . He is no strager to Eurovision as he accompanied Ruth Lorenzo last year in an amazing perfromance on spanish television…you can watch it here:

He is already a star in Spain, having 30.4 million fans on Instagram , and 42 million in Twitter. So make sure you check his accounts for the latest news…

Here is his perfromance with Edurne in the final:

An here is a little gallery we gathered from all over the internet plus the offical fotos from





































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