Ovidiu Anton wins Selectia Nationala 2016!


Just minutes ago Ovidiu Anton won the romanian ticket to Stockholm with his rock ballad  “Moment of silence”. The song is a powerfull entry with a very strong mesage. It was impecably sung and he had a lot of support in the online media. The verdict didn’t come as a suprise, for us at least, and we must admit he wasn’t our first choice.

TVR managed a very good show, apart from the typical errors of live transmission. Congratulations TVR for this year! The stage looked amazing, and alongside Baia Mare municipality and all the artists involved,  they brought on the TV screens some pretty interesting musical moments. Zoli TOTH Project performed Cocoon, a very interesting musical concept, Horia Moculescu, Randi and Uddi were  on the stage performing the song “Vagabondul Vieții Mele” a very beloved romanian old-school song, which they transformed, proving that old music never dies and can be reborn. Cezar Ouatu performed the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest winning song “Rise Like a Phoenix” and Lidia Isac, the 2016 Moldovan representative, also performed her Eurovision entry” Falling Stars”.

Now as far as the fairness of the result, it is not for us to judge, but an observation is in order: the jury members should have kept quiet during this final night.  It was not fair to influence the voting by expressing their own opinions and encouragging only some artists, as they clearly did.   Our duty is to make sure the winner gets the best support through our chanel , and the best media coverage across Europe. We will support him and try our best to make him reach at least a top 10 in Stockholm. During the next days it will be a blood bath in the romanian press, as usual 🙂 We cannot wait to read tomorrow’s news.

This is the official voting table:

vot…and this is the winning song:

Good Luck Ovidiu !!!!

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