Exclusive interview with Zoë (AUSTRIA 2016)



Zoë  the austrian winner for this year’s Eurovision was kind enough to answer a few questions for us in this very busy time.

ID: – First of all Congrats for winning the national selection in Austria. We whatched it and we couldn’t agree more with the result. Thank You very much for taking the time to answer a few questions for the Eurovision fans. As a winner of your national selection we can imagine that the questions start pouring in. It will be a very busy period for you and we wish you the best of luck!

Zoë: – Thank you so much!

ID:  – What made you come back to your national selection, after last year’s seccond placing?

Zoë: – In autumn 2015, I have been asked by ORF if I would be interested in participating in the Austrian final again. I asked them if I could sing in french, since my whole album is french, and as they agreed I was very happy to get this chance again since it has always been my biggest dream to be on stage in the worlds largest entertainment show!

ID: – Were you an Eurovision fan before entering the national selection?

Zoë: – Yes, definitly – I grew up with music and the Eurovision was always a special event in my family. I always have been fascinated by the stage, the lights and the show!

ID: – What is your favourite top 3 entries ever in Eurovision?

Zoë: – ABBA – Waterloo / Loreen – Euphoria / France Gall – Poupée de cire, poupée de son

ID: – Why do you think last year Austria had such a poor result in the final?. We ask this because we really liked the song and thought it will do much better.

Zoë: – I have no idea. I liked the song a lot and the singer is great. Maybe, the stage performance was too traditional for the audience… I don’t know. But I was also disappointed because I thought the Makemakes would get a good result.

ID: – This year you come with something different, first of all because it is sung in french. How do you think it will do..?..What are your hopes in terms of placing in the final?

Zoë: – I hope the audience and the ESC lovers like my song. I have no idea how it will do. All I hope is to reach the final. I think the exciting part of the Eurovision is that it all depends on the moment and how the performer can connect to his public in the decisive performance. So, it’s difficult to predict.

ID: – Can you reveal anything about what your song will look like in Stockholm on stage? Do you have an ideea about what message you want to trasmit to the viewers?

Zoë: – Loin d’ici is a song about a journey to an imaginary paradise – a place where everyone is happy singing and dancing. It’s not a physical place, more a state of mind. The song is meant to radiate positive vibes to put a smile on the faces of those who listen to it! The song always makes me happy  and I hope to transmit this happiness also to the audience and to the viewers. The performance will probably be accompanied by visuals that show water color paintings of a fantasy land and a road that I walk on. I continue my way on this path from arid landscapes to the most colorful flower meadows. And I will have the power of magic, transforming a winter landscape into a flower meadow.

ID: – Do you have any plans on promoting your entry by attending different national selections as a guest this season? …we would really like to see more of you.

Zoë: – I’ll attend the events in Amsterdam, Stockholm and Israel. I’m looking forward to performing there! So exciting!!

ID: – In the end we like to say that we very much like your song, and that so far…you are among the only entrants that got us really interested.

Zoë: – Thank you so much!!!!!  Bisou

ID : – We wish you the best of luck this Eurovision season!

ZOË – Loin d’ici:

….and here are a few shots we gathered , with the beautiful Zoë, from around the internet:















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