LIVE – The Family show


As we are prparing for the semifinal tonight this is the last chance to see the contestants live on stage without the pressure of the contest. We’ll try to review it song by song.

1. Latvia








Nice one, very simple and effective, too bad it is on the first position. He delivered the song pretty good. Qualifier


2. Poland








Very dramatic, with a very infectious chorus…maybe a little too dramatic.  Didn’t like it on the screens though 🙁  Qualifier

3.  Switzerland








Rykka’s dress is bad ….The voice sounds good. It is way too simple for the screens…except for the smoke effect coming from her hair. Bare footed singing…not working.  Not qualifying 🙁

4. Israel








Hovi delivers the song perfectly. Very nice angles for the camera…and the fireworks do work their magic. very nice one. Best reaction in the press center so far. Qualifier

5. Belarus








Very nice holograms. Just looks great. The voice of Ivan though not so very cool. Don’t know about qualifying. It depends on the votes…on TV it looks very very good! Best reaction in the audience so far:)


It’s time for Petra 🙂 who’s making a joke about singing naked…..and YES!!! Mans is going to be on stage naked for a brief moment :)))))

6. Serbia








Vocaly perfect! The dancing is a bit weird but it holds the song pretty nice. Big Like ! Qualifying!

7. Ireland








Nicky delivers…and has lots of charisma…The song is decent..That’s all you need to qualify if you come from ireland 🙂

8. FYROMacedonia








Kaliopi next..but we cannot stay in cause we were smart enough to leave without the charger for the laptop from the hotel.

See you am at the semifinal tonight…and may the best 10 win !!!


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