LIVE Final dreess rehearsal Review and Predictions

IMG_7909The dress rehearsal for the final just finished. The lineup is pretty good, and judging by what we have seen in from the audience it will be hard to choose. Of course there are favourites but whatch all the performers…and just vote with your heart. Still feeling very disapointed that Romania didn’t make to Stockholm. But hey …this is life!

Apart from the opening number which looks amazing, SVT managed to bring the New into the show. We have a very nonconformist way of presenting the countries at the beggining. And we suspect that this country presentation will become a challange for all the future hosts. All we can tell is that it looks FABULOUS!..Don’t miss the opening.

The interval acts are just HILARIOUS, so don’t move away from your screens…You have never seen something like this in Eurovision. After that Mans will sing his new song, and of course there is going to be Justin Timberlake…whom we have not yet seen!

The announcement of the votes will start with the presentation of only the 12 points from every country’s jury, folowed by the announcement of the televoting points…and then it’s complicated to explain. Just whatch and you will get it. It’s simple but complicated :)))))

So let’s move to the predictions cause we are fresh out of the arena. We will judge only by the impact we had in the arena on every song performed live. The places we predict the countries will finish the contest are strictly our “might happen “factor”. As usual Eurovision is all about the moment…and Europe is known to have it’s moments:)

  1. Belgium –  9-20
  2. Czech Republic – 15-26
  3. The Netherlands 8-15
  4. Azerbaijan 20-25
  5. Hungary -top 5
  6. Italy – 5-15
  7. Israel -5-10
  8. Bulgaria – top 5
  9. Sweden -5-15
  10. Germany – 15-26
  11. France – top 5
  12. Poland -6-15
  13. Australia – top 5
  14. Cyprus 5-10
  15. Serbia – top 10
  16. Lithuania – 15-26
  17. Croatia – 10-20
  18. Russia top 5
  19. Spain – 10-20
  20. Latvia -5-15
  21. Ukraine top 5
  22. Malta  10-20
  23. Georgia top 10
  24. Austria 5-15
  25. United Kingdom – 10-15
  26. Armenia -top 10

Live from Stockholm

Ionut Demetriad for


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