TVR is back in Eurovision from 2017!!!


TVR will be able to broadcast again the Eurovision starting 2017. EBU and TVR signed an agreement and a payment method in order for things to get back to normal again. Fingerst crossed for everything to go smooth and let’s hope in a very nice romanian participation in 2017.

Here is the official post from Eurovision Romania facebook account, in an aproximate translation:

“TVR and EBU have reached an agreement by which TVR cand broadcast again Eurovision and the next two Football Worls Cup ( 2018 and 2022).The issues between TVR and EBU are ongoing for a few years now, most of them due to the debts of TVR towards EBU. For this reason EBU eliminated TVR from the 2016 Eurovision contest.. Now because TVR has reached a certain financial stability the board of TVR began a negociation with EBU, wich resulted in an agreement that TVR will pay it historical debts ( aprox. 10 mil Euro).Irina Radu ( managing Director of SRTV): “ is essential to take into account the actual income of TVR , and to base our activity on that, rather that building sand castles, as in the past….I am glad that all the members of the board agreed to this, and they voted accordint to the interest of the audience public”.EBU is also going to support TVR with a highly professional consultancy, no costs involved, provided by proffesionals in the field, who will start thei activity next week in Bucharest.”

source: Eurovision Romania Facebook account

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