Semifinal 2 review

Last night was the seccond act of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, and what an act!!!! Starting with the opening and finishing with the was way way better than the first semifinal. The quality of the songs much better, and the Show, and the way it looked on TV was amazing. Such a big difference from the first semifinal. Congratulations to the technical team for improving it all. The opening act was sooo good, and exactly the way it was supposed to be: fun , musical, and “eurovisionised” 🙂 Now to the songs:

  1. Tijana Bogićević – In Too Deep (Serbia)

Tijana was not convincing last night. The act lacked passion, and the outfitt was very very wrong. The dancer saved the day for Serbia. Too bad cause she is such and good singer. PLus Serbia has a big tradition in Eurovision. Next time !

2. Nathan Trent – Running On Air (Austria)

Not the best song in this contest, but one of the most sincere and nice performances. You simply cannot go unnoticed with this kind of charisma and performance. Good job Austria!

3. Jana Burčeska – Dance Alone (F.Y.R. Macedonia)

This was a power song, radio oriented which  could have gone skyrocket if staged properly. They just didn’t care. Everything looked amateurish and unprepared. It’s Eurovision people….don’t just bring an amazing song and drop it on stage like you don’t care. Too bad for the song 🙁 …At least Jana got proposed to  tonight…and that saved the day for FYR Macedonia :p Congratz Jana!

4. Claudia Faniello – Breathlessly (Malta)

A power ballad that missed out the final. Can’t put my finger on it exactly. Maybe it was too early in the semifinal, maybe it missed the wow factor, it got really forgotten among all the extravagantza in this semifinal. Too bad for Claudia cause she did the job perfectly. This was pure eurovision bait. Very curious to see how it went with the voting this semifinal.

5. Ilinca ft. Alex Florea – Yodel It! (Romania)

Talking about bringing down the house, we have our own heroes of the evening. Congratulations Ilinca and Alex, for qualifying once again Romania in the final. They deserved every point they got in the voting tonight. We are soo proud of them….They were eurovision perfection tonight!

6. OG3NE – Lights and Shadows (The Netherlands)

The sisters got in. They didn’t convinced me at all. I get the story…but..not my cup of tea 🙁 They are talented and very charsimatic on stage…I just don’t get the song.  We will let the judges decide for the final 🙂

7. Joci Pápai – Origo (Hungary)

Loved every seccond of it. Hats off to Hungary for being true to their traditions, and bringing them to the eurovision stage in their own language. Deserved to be in the final. Good luck!

8. Anja – Where I Am (Denmark)

Judging strictly by last night performance, she shouldn’t be in the final.  She was too desperate in transmitting, and I didn’t belived her. I am sure she will be more relaxed in the final…she is a very nice performer, but this year Denmark’s song is just not good 🙁

9. Brendan Murray – Dying To Try (Ireland)

Unlike Bulgaria, who also sent a young boy in the contest, Ireland didn’t make it to the final. The voice was good, but totally blank in transmitting anything. The staging was very  good, we tottaly got the ideea and it looked great. But sometimes that just isn’t enough. Next time Ireland!

10. Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson – Spirit of the Night (San Marino)

Seriously?…it’s Eurovision and it’s 2017. Wake up people!

11. Jacques Houdek – My Friend (Croatia)

We knew he was going through. Good job vocally, but visually..?…NO!  Congratz anyway for an amazing artist and personality!

12. JOWST – Grab The Moment (Norway)

Give us a minimal song and performance and we are on board. Yesss!!! Congratz Norway!!!

13. Timebelle – Apollo (Switzerland)

Nice try…maybe it was too much on stage, maybe it looked too old, too fairytale-ish…Camera angles for sure didn’t help. Sorry Switzerland 🙁

14. Naviband – Story Of My Life (Belarus)

The “feel good” on stage worked. Don’t know if they rehearsed this that much, or the feelings were genuine, but they managed to transform an average song in a very entertaining one. Cause let’s be clear, I wouldn’t listen to this song in the car….But in the semifinal context it was gooodddd. Congratz Belarus!

15. Kristian Kostov – Beautiful Mess (Bulgaria)

Eurovision perfection…along Romania, these two kind of songs and staging represent what Eurovision is all about. Congratualtions Bulgaria on a very very good choice!!!! Could it be Sofia 2018?…we’ll wait and see 😛

16. Fusedmarc – Rain Of Revolution (Lithuania)

Amazing staging….the song got lost somehow…too edgy from my point of view. It didn’t apeal to a lot of voters…It could have gone both ways…well …it went the other way 😛

17. Koit Toome & Laura – Verona (Estonia)

“Modern Talking” nostalgia….I would have chosen this one over a few others qualified songs ..This one was interestingly staged, but they missed completly on the connection with the audience…Not sure if it’s their fault or the way it was filmed and delivered to the public. They did their job amazingly anyway…It just wasn’t ment to be 🙁

18. IMRI – I Feel Alive (Israel)

Hottttnessss all the way. Imri new how to sell this. And boy he did. Dance song with a hunk performer…what’s not to like :))  Congratz Imri!!!

The interval act was a choreographic piece by The Apache Crew…very interesting and well choreographed. The theme was an universal one, about kids and their playground games, interractions, feelings, bullying, love..all of which were very well expressed. …. Here’s a look:

Also in this semifinal, voted Germany, Ukraine and France…here are their perfromances:

and here you can re-live the whole semifinal:

Enjoy and Yodel it Europe!!!! team 😛


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