The GOLDEN STAG Festival is back !

The biggest romanian music festival is about to be revived by TVR. The Golden Stag international festival will take place this year betwen  29.08-02.09.2018 in Brasov, in the Piata Sfatului Square. The festival opened in 1968, 50 years ago, and had 17 editions so far. Due to different political and financial reasons, the festival was interrupted for a long period of time, but now is back, and hopefully will stay.

As far as the Eurostars attending, we had plenty of them during the years:

Toto Cutugno ( ESC 1990), Patricia Kass ( ESC 2009 ), Ruslana ( ESC2004), TATU ( ESC2003) Glen Vella ( ESC 2011), Pasha Parfeni ( ESC 2013), Ovi Jacobsen ( ESC 2010, ESC 2014 along Paula Seling ), Paula Seling ( ESC 2010, ESC 2014 along Ovi), Monica Anghel (ESC 2002 along Marcel Pavel ), Luminita Anghel  (ESC2005), Nico ( ESC2008 along Vlad Mirita), Olia Tira ( ESC 2010 for Moldova),  Zdob si Zdub ( ESC2004, ESC2011), Nicola ( ESC2003)..and a few more probably..but we can’t remember J

The artists who wish to register can do this until July 11, on the official website of the event,  or the english version:   All the artsits will sing two songs in the festival, one from their own repertoir and anothe one in the romanian language. The list of romanian songs available for competing has been published on the official site. (

During its long history, the festival hosted a bunch of big names in the industry, who came to sing as guest stars in the festival. Among these: Diana Ross, Amália Rodrigues, Julio Iglesias, Dalida, Sheryl Crow, Tom Jones,  Vaya con Dios, Coolio, Christina Aguilera, Cliff Richard, Kenny Rogers, Ricky Martin, Kelly Family, Patricia Kaas, Josephine Baker, Toto Cutugno, Boy George, James Brown, Kenny Rogers, Ray Charles, UB 40, Scorpions, Pink and many more.

Here are a few Eurostars at work in The Golden Stag Festival:

Toto Cutugno ( ESC 1990 Italy ):

Patricia Kass ( ESC 2009 France ) :

Ruslana ( ESC 2004 Winner Ukraine ) :

TATU ( ESC2003 Russia ) :

Olia Tira ( Moldova ESC2010 ) :

Glen Vella ( ESC2011 Malta ) :

Monica Anghel ( ESC2002 Romania ):

Luminita Anghel ( ESC2005 Romania ):

Paula Seling ( ESC2010, 2014 Romania ):

OVI ( ESC 2010, 2014 Romania):

Pasha Parfeni ( ESC2013 Moldova):

Nico ( ESC2008 Romania ):

Nicola ( ESC 2003 ROmania ):

Let’s hope more Eurostars will enrole this year.

Since it is an aniversary edition, the festival will have an Anniversary Gala, two days of contest and a Festival Gala. The next evening after the gala, a special folklore show will take place, marking the Centenary of the Romanian Union.

All the official news will be published on the official site of the festival in due time:  or the english version:


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