Eleni Foureira press conference for The Golden Stag festival


Eleni Foureira just finished her press conference in Brasov, moments ago. In a very friendly enviorment, she amazed everyone with her beauty, kindness and modesty. Liana Stanciu was an amazing host for the conference, and managed to make everyone understand that they are in the presence of two pros, when it comes to this kind of gatherings 🙂

The journalists asked Eleni a lot of questions about Brasov, The Golden Stag, the contestants, Eurovision and the overall experience.

About Eurovision Eleni said: ” I was always a big fan of Eurovision and I always wanted to go and sing in front of all those people, in front of the whole Europe….I thougt it was a big oportunity so all Europe, and not just all Europe can see you….and what is happening now with my career, I can say that Eurovision helped a lot.”


About the new single: ” First we wanted to launch it at the end of August, but then we thought it is too soon, cause “Fuego” has still a lot to offer…” …she didn’t want to reveal the name of the next single.

About how she voted as a jury member and what is it that she looks for in an artist, she said that first she looks in the eyes of the singer, even before they start to sing, then it is all about the presence and the desire to win. She chose the artist that proved her the most their desire to win and the ones who really shine.

Then she spoke about the fact that she had to judge Ryan O’Shaughnssey as a contestant in the festival:

Another question was on similarities between the romanian and greek culture:

Here is a photo of Eleni and Liana during the press conference:


In the end she was kind enough to take a photo with me so A BIG Thank you Eleni!

Ionut Demetriad for escromania.com


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